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    Why are Annual Wellness Visits Important?

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    As you may have noticed, your employer, Medicare and your Primary Care Provider (PCP) strongly encourage a yearly Annual Wellness Visit (AWV).

    The emphasis in an AWV is prevention of disease, not simply treating disease once it is present. At these visits, your PCP may order labs and other screening exams to be performed to prevent disease or to diagnose a serious disease early in it’s course. We will also discuss topics to screen for other health risks. These risks may be broad, reaching across genders, ages, and cultures- such as smoking. Or these risks may be more individual specific, such as related to your line of work. For those who see multiple specialists, this visit is also an opportunity to update your chart to reflect the many changes of your care you go through in the course of a year, and help stay coordinated with your specialists.

    Annual Wellness Exams in Chandler

    Annual Checkups

    Pinon Family Medicine is a local Chandler family medical center that provides annual check-ups for both pediatric and adult patients throughout Chandler. We take special care to emphasize the importance of preventative care through annual visits to your local primary care physician.

    Cancer Screenings
    Near Chandler

    Cancer is a vicious and unforgiving illness that requires vigilance and preventative care to ensure that you remain healthy. Pinon Family Medicine, we offer cancer screenings at our local family clinic in Chandler so that you can take the first step in preventative healing.

    Vaccine Clinic

    As a top-rated Chandler provider office, Pinon Family Medicine is committed to providing age specific vaccines according to CDC guidelines near you.

    Preventative Medicine Doctor

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    Because of the importance of preventive care, the AWV is not intended as a sick visit by Medicare. In some cases it may be possible to perform this on the same day as a sick visit, however, due to Medicare and insurance billing rules, this requires two appointments, and the sick visit will be billed separately – meaning any usual copay will be due for that visit. Many insurance providers specifically exclude doubling appointments, and generally, it is recommended to schedule your wellness visit on a different day.


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      *Do not include any health information or private content in this area.

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