Urgent Care Services
In Chandler Arizona

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    Urgent Care Doctor Near Chandler, AZ

    Good news, now you can choose to see you primary care doctor instead of going to urgent care! With rapid, same-day visits available and most minor procedures performed in-house Pinon Family Medicine wants to reduce your need for urgent care clinics. In addition, Dr. Spencer has extensive Emergency Room experience and can treat these emergencies with confidence. In our office we perform splinting for fractures, repairs of cuts and skin wounds, removal of skin tags, and incisions or drainages of small cysts. If you have an urgent condition, such as an injury please come to our office as we offer rapid appointments. We will happily make these appointments on the same day, so please call or come to the office!

    Chandler Urgent Care Center

    Cold & Flu

    Pinon Family Medicine provides urgent care services in Chandler for patients suffering from cold and flu symptoms. Get relief from your cold and flu symptoms by visiting the Chandler urgent care doctors at Pinon Family Medicine.

    Concussion &
    Sprain Treatment

    When you have an extensive injury such as a sprain or a concussion, it is important to have it treated right away. As an affordable urgent care center near Chandler, Pinon Family Medicine provides concussion and sprain treatments for patients in Chandler.

    Cuts & Scrapes

    Cuts and scrapes may seem minor, but if not treated properly, they can become infected and become a potential health risk. For cuts and scrapes first-aid, visit the urgent care doctors at Pinone Family Medicine to get the treatment you need.

    Sports & Orthopaedic Care

    • Heel pain or ligament injury
    • Ankle sprain, ankle fracture, or torn ankle ligament

    •  Hip bursitis or IT band pain

    • Shoulder dislocation or rotator cuff injury

    • Golf or tennis elbow

    • Torn ACL, meniscus tear, kneecap fracture, or knee dislocation

    • Sprained or fractured wrist

    Affordable Urgent Care
    Center in Chandler

    Pinon Family Medicine is an affordable alternative to urgent care near Chandler with #1 rated doctors who are trained to treat a variety of urgent needs.

    Walk-In Chandler
    Urgent Care Clinic

    When you need fast treatment from the best Chandler doctors, Pinon Family Medicine is a local walk-in clinic that can treat a variety of needs.

    Compassionate Care
    For Acute Needs

    At Pinon Family Medicine, we strive to provide rapid, compassionate care right away when you need it, for urgent needs and non urgent needs.


    610 N. Alma School Rd. ​Suite 48
    Chandler, AZ 85224

    (480) 248-2440

    Fax: 855-551-4501

      *Do not include any health information or private content in this area.

      Or Schedule Your Own Appointment in the Patient Portal